How does an algae powered house operate?



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    Great question! Your question was actually the first that I’d heard of such a thing, so I had to do quite a bit of the old research to get up to speed. The idea originated at the University of Cambridge with a group of savvy architecture graduate students, who have lovingly named their process “algaetecture”. From the website: the design “uses in-built algae tubes and a photo bio-reactor to generate hydrogen. A glazing system and water pool are incorporated into the design to mitigate — reflect and cool — the sunlight the algae need to survive.” According to the same article the house produces 4100 kilowatt-hours “of hydrogen and biomass per year — enough to drive an electric MINI E car from London to Beijing and back twice over.”

    I’ve linked the Algaetecture homepage below, as well as the article and a article.

    Thanks for enlightening me….er… no pun intended.

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