How does the alcohol industry hurt the environment?



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    There are several ways an alcoholic beverage manufacturer could hurt the environment, mostly by dumping waste containing alcohol. Alcohol in strength can kill all kinds of living things (which is why it is also used to sterilize things). There is also a lot of waste in the fermentation process with byproducts of spent grain and yeasts, and heat loss.

    The website CleanerProduction has a page dedicated to helping these manufacturers recycle waste products and increase their energy efficiency.

    Of course, there is also the obvious side effect: drunk people can lose their sense of judgment and not recycle!


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    Here is another perspective, if you happen to be vegan or vegetarian. Plenty of alcohol (especially beer) is actually filtered through isinglass, part of a fish bladder. To determine whether your alcohol is vegetarian friendly or not, you can visit, which has lists of popular styles of booze, determined to be either veg or non-veg.

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