How does air pressure in the atmosphere change?



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    The atmosphere already exists in levels of elevation, with the stratosphere being the furthest from the earths surface. Each has molecules firing in all directions. At the edges of each layer these molecules are affecting different layers. This can be affected by temperature and existing atmospheric conditions like moisture, and air density.

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    The more dense the air, the more air pressure you get. Air density tends to decrease farther away from the earth. That is why people who climb Mt. Everest need to carry extra oxygen with them. The outer layer of the atmosphere is actually the exosphere. The stratosphere lies just above the troposphere, which is the part of the atmosphere that contains the air we breathe. The stratosphere contains our ozone layer, which would probably go floating out into space if we did not have the mesosphere and thermosphere right above it. To see a graph of how air pressure relates to air density and altitude, check out this link:

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