How does aerating the soil help repair it?



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    Aerating soil helps to loosen it, which makes it easier for water and nutrients to penetrate the soil. Aerating also helps to get rid of thatch buildup, which is not good for a healthy lawn. When dirt below your lawn is hard and compatcted (due to foot traffic, or pet traffic), water and minerals can’t penetrate the soil, and your lawn can dry out and grass can die.

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    Aeration is great for soil because it helps to increase porosity and therefore permeability. Increases in porosity and permeability allows microorganism, nutrients and water to more through the soil more easily. It also allows root systems to penetrate deeper into the soil thus making it easier for plants to access water and nutrients.

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    Aerating creates spaces are between soil particles, thereby allowing filtration of water, movement of microbes, and uptake of nutrients by area plants. Aeration contributes to a healthy micro-ecosystem in which a balance of beneficial bacteria and fungi is established. The life cycle of these microorganisms greatly affects soil nutrient availability, water saturation or leaching, and oxygen levels. When a soil is well-aerated,nutrient-rich, and regularly tested to determine biological and chemical activity, plants are provided with healthy conditions for optimal performance.

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