How does Abercrombie & Fitch commit to sustainability?



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    They admit that they have a long way to go before they reach their sustainability goals, but in my opinion A&F have already taken some big steps, more than the typical company. Their company has taken the following measures to help wildlife and the climate:

    -Their corporate headquarters is located in the middle of 460 protected acres of green space in Ohio. They keep the water on these grounds clean, plant young trees here, and recycle and pick up litter.

    -They recycle tens of thousands of tons of paper, plastic and cardboard every year, including every cardboard box that comes into their distribution centers.

    -In cleaning their offices and stores, they make an effort to use only green cleaning products and recycles paper products.

    -They save energy in many ways, including switching lighting to CFLs, virtualizing their computer servers and making these servers more energy efficient, and using Energy-Star Certified equiptment that never ends up in a landfill.

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