How do zoos teach children about the environment?



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    Zoos attempt to showcase animals in man-made versions of their natural environments, teaching children about environmental variation. The information posted before each enclosure also offers a great deal of information. The most common things that children are able to take away from zoos is that some animals are endangered because humans polluted their home environment or hunted them to extinction, so now they need to be protected and bred in zoos. It also provides information about the global fauna variations and about how the food chain works all over the world.

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    Zoos will often have signs providing information about the animals on display, and most often these are child-friendly and will tell where the animal is from, what it eats, and other basic information. Many zoos also may have further education opportunities. The Association of Zoos and Aquariums cites education as one of its largest objectives, including teaching about zoology, biology, ecology, and conservation. Zoos are very educational and child-friendly.

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