How do you think we are going to solve our problem of overpopulation?



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    i think that we are going to have to adjust to it. There does not seem top be a humane way to drastically stop out population from rising, so it looks like we will just have to get used to it. With increases in technology, we should be able to keep up on food and other recourses, but for the most part, we are just going to have to accept change. 

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    China took a pro-active approach in 1978 to overpopulation by implementing a 1-child only policy.  The policy exists to this day and has been affective at leveling out the population increase in China.  This is one possible solution, however it is a very difficult idea to promote in developing nations where parents rely on their children to work and take care of them as they age.  It is very easy from an outside perspective to say that India or or many countries in Africa should implement a policy like this to curb their massive population increase, however this may not be feasible in many cases.  

    The best solution may be to consume less in first world societies.  If we consume less, then our resources can stretch further, this includes food, water, gas, oil, renewable energies, fibers and materials…  There is a stat that says ‘If the rest of world lived like Americans, we would need five Earth’s to supply the demands of the world’s population.

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