How do you think society would be different if there was a heavy carbon tax?



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    Absolutely. With a heavy carbon tax many industries would think twice about where they got their energy from. With a new oil pipeline being proposed that would run above ground from Alberta, Canada to Texas currently in the works, people are thinking short term with fossil fuels. There is no way to concieve of a healthy planet as long as we continue to rely on fossil fuel. A carbon tax would provide an incentive to move away from oil, coal, and natural gas.

    Industries might start investing more money into the research and developement of sustainable fuels rather than pay a heavy carbon tax. Vehicles may start utilizing propulsion technology other than the internal combustion engine. Everything from the making to the transportation and consumption of goods would change for the better. It will involve some growing pains and some unforseen chasms, but a heavy carbon tax would be absolutely in favor of the planet, as well as the sustainable living for all 7 billion plus of us.

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    I think that more people would ride bicycles and take public transportation more frequently. They would also live closer to where they worked and buy more local food. Transporting both people and goods would become very expensive, and overall people would need to learn how to live closer to home. People might actually get to know their neightbors for a change! Instead of aking your friend across town to babysit for you when you plan to go out late at night, you might go next door and ask your neighbor to do it. Also, I would think that people might re-learn the art of gardening.

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