How do you think that the republicans treat the environment differently than democrats?



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    Behavior towards the environment varies greatly across the Republican party because there is diversity in the beliefs within the party, as well as different environmental and cultural influences individuals experience. Generally, many in the Republican party believe that pro-environmental legistlation (such as limiting carbon emissions) can suppress the growth of businesses, and they tend to be more lenient enviromental policy. One of the biggest discepancies between Republicans and Deomcrats are their views on climate change. A 2010 Pew Research Center Survey found that only 38% of Republicans believed in global warming compared to 79% of Democrats.

    There are also many Republicans that practice more environmentally sustainable lifestyles, but do not wish to be recognized as environmentalists or do not consider themselves as such. For example, many Republican farmers utiltize sustainable farming practices as a way of life, such as minimizing waste, recycling nutrients, and maximizing crop yields, but may or may not vote in favor of environmental policies.

    There are also many Republicans who are vocal about environmental conservation and sustainability. This includes a growing number of Republican Christian groups that are pro environmental stewardship, such as Target Earth, Plant With A Purpose, and the Evangelical Environmental Network. 

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    That depends on what information they have about the environment. Conservatives/Republicans tend to work their amygdalas harder than other people. The amygdala is the fear center of the brain, so you could say that fear drives most of a Republican’s decisions. That is why they tend to cling to older traditions. Unfortunately, this often means that they believe religion and science are mutually exclusive activities and that they won’t get into heaven if they pay any attention to science. I think that this is a great tragedy because I am religious and I believe that God gave us the gift of intelligence to learn more about this wonderful world that He created and protect it. So, that’s the fundamental difference between democrats and republicans. Republicans simply have very strong amygdalas. Fear is an important thing for our survival, but too much of it can be a problem.

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    Traditionally, Republican’s would be less likely to focus on environmental issues and use tax dollars to do anything about it.  However, I think it really depends on the person.  So many politicans today have views that are a those of a combination of democrat and republican, so it is really hard to say.  Personally, I would have more confidence in a democratic president doing more to help the environment than a republican – I mean afterall, Rick Perry said that he thinks scientists are manipulating data about global warming.  I know that he is just one republican, and many have differing views, but just the fact he would say that is horrifying.  


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