How do you think professional sports teams can be encouraged to ‘go green’?



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    Any publicity is good publicity and green publicity is especially good right now. Since they travel a lot they could follow the lead of some of their rock star peers and use bio diesel buses or ride commercial jet flights instead of private ones. They could start selling concession items in biodegradable packaging or t shirts and other clothes items made out of natural fabrics.

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    They could also use re-usable water cups instead of paper cups along the sidelines at their sporting events.  The athletes could endorse eco-friendly products to encourage fans as well.  Because most teams travel so often, i like laram’s idea for biofuel…it would probably make the biggest impact.

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    Professional sports teams are governed by leagues, and are rarely able to make their own major policies.  The best way to make a real impact would be to go through the commissioners of the major sports leagues to enact policies on travel, stadium recycling, energy use, etc.  For example, when the NFL celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month and teams wear pink uniforms, that is a league mandated policy for that weekend’s games.  If a player were to continue to wear his pink sweatbands, he will be fined.  The real power lies with the commissioner.

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