How do you think the population increase will affect urban areas of the world



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    I think that the population increase is going to increase the size of the urban areas of the world, and decrease the quality of living in those areas.  Large groups of people flock to urban areas when they can’t find anywhere to live, and just as right now, there isn’t going to be enough room to house them.  Therefore there are going to be more homeless people, the demand for housing is going to go up which will increase rent, so urban inhabitants are going to have less to spend on other things.  In some areas there won’t be enough resources like water to take care of them, and there is certainly not going to be enough money to go around to support them.  The drastic population increases are not going to do anything good for the world.

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    I feel that population increase is going to raise the level of poverty found in urban areas.  With more people, there is less money to be made in my opinion.  People who have a hard time finding jobs in suburban and rural areas will immediately flock to lower income jobs that can be found in urban areas.  Often times urban areas end up being a last resort for people when they aren’t having success in other sectors.

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    Yes, population increase will put strains on all aspects of society. Space in urban areas will become more of a premium for both business and personal living space.

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