How do you think our oil policy will change now that this gigantic oil spill happened?



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    I definitely think that our oil policy will change.  We have seen the worst that can happen (hopefully) in the Gulf Coast spill, and now I think we are going to be extremely cautious with regards to any drilling, especially offshore drilling.  I don’t expect there to be any new off shore drilling sites to be built in the near future because the public outcry will be so great.  Even onshore drilling sites are going to recieve a lot of negative attention, and I think we will become increasingly less dependent on oil.  Now people understand that alternative energy is a far safer way to get energy, and we will make a big shift towards it.

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    I hope it will change, and it will if the public’s view changes dramatically. However, it needs to be dramatic because American politicians do not like change and are often very conservative. I believe that we will stay the same course we are now, investing some money into green technology and clearing the way for the future of electric cars, alternative fuels, etc. Unfortunately, I do not think this oil spill will effect our oil policy very much. 

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    I think that the that our policy will change and it needs to.  President Obama has already placed a moratorium on offshore drilling, which has pleased some and enraged others.  The oil industry is clearly unhappy with this decision, but I think it was a necessary statement to make — it shows that he intends to limit the amount of oil we use, especially offshore oil.   In the long term, I think there will be much stricter regulations placed on oil companies — maybe an independent regulatory agency needs to be established because the MMS (Minerals Management Service) has proven to be completely incompetent. Hopefully the tragedy in the Gulf will lead to positive change.  

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    As long as our consumption is 19,500,000 million barrels a day, there can’t be much policy change – either we produce it here, or we import it.

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