How do you think Obama will try and talk to green eco minded people during the 2012 campaign?



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    During his 2008 election campaign, Obama spoke a lot about decreasing the United States’ dependence on foreign oil imports. During his presidency, he has increased fuel efficiency standards and we have seen increased investments in alternative energy. However, his environmental-friendliness has received mixed reviews.

    During the upcoming election, I believe Obama will cite his environmental track record as incentive for eco-minded voters to cast ballots in his favor. He will also, most likely, utilize an offensively-minded strategy against Romney in order to justify his reelection. He’ll probably point out that Romney is all about big business, and that his inevitable deregulation of business constraints would bring about more pollution and further contribute to climate change.

    So Obama can speak to voters concerned with the environment in many ways: he can cite his already-established environmental track record, which could work but wouldn’t be optimal due to the fact that he hasn’t done all that he could; he could make promises about what he would do in the future; or he could focus the dialogue on how Romney’s (or whoever the GOP candidate turns out to be) policies would hurt the environment if he were elected.

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