How do you think that the endangered species act has helped animals?



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    The Endangered Species Act of 1973 has provided guidelines for labeling a species as extinct or endangered, which raises awareness among people.  It provides for a program that deals with the conservation of threatened plants and animals and their habitats, which has helped save thousands of species from dying out. The Act also prevents import, export, or interstate or foreign commerce of listed species. 

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    Absolutely.  The Endangered Species Act has helped raise awareness, money and save many species.  The Bald Eagle, Perigrine Falcon and Grey Wolf were all animals that were once on the list and have since been removed due to rebounding numbers.

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    The Endangered Species Act is arguably the most powerful environmental legislation we have, and not only has it preserved the animals that are endangered, it has preserved their habitats, thereby preserving other animals that live in the same habitats. 

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    By establishing endangered species, it helps identify which are in higher need of resources and helps pave avenues to ensure they acquire what’s needed, or in many cases, simply leave them instead of take them.  As species come to light and protection surrounds them, more and more people are more inclined to make consumer choices that support the ESA.

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