How do you think the beginning of work on this massive wind farm will effect the greater wind power industry as a whole?



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    I, personally, hope that the construction of this wind farm will perhaps lead to more companies specializing in wind power or considering supporting wind power. If this wind farm will prove to be both possible and profitable, other people will be see that wind is a viable option for money-making and energy-providing.

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    I think that the Alta Wind Energy Center will be great for the wind power industry as a whole.  It shows that we are serious about devoting large amounts of money to wind power energy, so there will be more people willing to work towards developing and supplying this wind power.  When people know that there is money to be made in an industry, they are likely to develop companies in those industries.  This will increase the amount of research going into wind power, and also more companies who can provide the tools needed to create a nationwide infrastructure of wind energy.

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    I hope that it will bring enormous amounts of attention to alternative energies. I hope that is also shows how productive wind farms can be and how being green can create a lot of new jobs and help the economy as a whole.  I would like that this farm would serve as a positive example of ingenuity and environmentalism. 

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