How do you tell the difference between natural rubber used in latex mattresses (NR) and synthetic rubber (SBR)?

I know synthetic rubber aka, (SBR) styrene butadine rubber is toxic to the lungs, liver and brain. I can’t tell by just looking at the rubber, is there a lab test? If so what is it called?



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    Since you can’t tell just by looking at it, I think your best bet is to determine the brand of mattress (look for a label printed on the mattress itself or the mattress tags) and to search the manufacturer’s website for information on the kind of rubber used. If the information isn’t listed there, you could always contact them and find out about their product. If your mattress doesn’t have a label or you can’t find any brand information and you’re still worried about the rubber content, it may be best to get a new mattress that you know is safe and will provide you with peace of mind.

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      I am in the organic mattress industry, a competitor is putting false information on their law label. Whom should I contact about this?

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    Its hard to tell without special equipment or by looking at a label, but one difference is that synthetic rubber is more durable in warmer temperatures, whereas natural rubber is more resilient in colder temperatures. Synthetic rubber is a little less expensive, and doesn’t require treatment to withstand UV light. Although synthetic rubber is made from oil, and is a less green choice.

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