How do you take care of a hatched baby bird?

I found a bird.



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    You need to be certain that it is not simply a juvenile bird. Does it have pin-feathers and down, or is it farther along than that? Also, make sure that the parents are not going to come back for it. You can put it back in the nest if you know where it is. The parents might take it from there. If not, then you can always take it to a local wildlife rescue and they can take care of it. For now, you will need a safe warm place for it, like a shoebox lined with soft blankets, etc. and a heating pad that is placed on the lowest setting. Honestly, it is not a good idea to try and raise it on your own. A lot of complications can occur, especially if you don’t know the species of the bird. It will need to drink, and even trying to give it water can create problems leading to death. If you want the best for this animal, then I would STRONGLY recommend finding a local  wildlife rehabilitation center. 

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    It is incredibly difficult to care for a baby birds.  Since baby birds don’t drink milk and instead eat regurgitated food, it’s almost impossible to give them the correct nutrition if you aren’t experienced.  I highly recommend taking your little birdie to a wildlife rehabilitation center.  There isn’t much success raising baby birds unless you have all of the knowledge and equipment.  However, if you really want to give it a try the link below has advice.

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