How do you start a successful urban farm?



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    Starting an urban farm can be done virtually any where: your kitchen, the roof of your apartment building, or your backyard. Decide what you want to plant, make sure you have ample sunlight, and get to it. If you are using the roof of your apartment building or a vacant lot, make sure you get permission so your hard work won’t be ruined. There are several urban farming resources with garending tips and recipes.

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    You can also team up with your neighbors and share your crops. You could grow carrots while your neighbors grew beans and then trade some. Then you’d have more variety, even if you both only have small urban spaces.

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    You can start small, and try a few things to see what works for you.  You will want to pay attention to how much sun exposure there is in your setting and plan around that.  If you needed to, you could use a grow light to extend the time your plants have in the light.  You can also grow quite a lot in containers that can be moved when necessary for more or less shade, sun, water or wind.   You can also grow a number of different small trees and plants indoors in a sun room or kitchen or anywhere with a sunny window or grow lights.

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    Growing herbs indoors would be a good start, since they’re fairly low maintentance and only require a decent amount of sunshine and water to flourish. If you wanted to try growing vegetables, vertical gardening would be a good option. Creating a tall support structure for the plants maximizes space and can be made using recycled materials. Cucumbers, melon, squash, and other vining plants would be your best bet, but other tall plants, such as tomatoes, would work well too.

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