How do you see the oil spill helping start renewable energy?



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    Well, I think that it’s going to get a lot of people thinking about the real effects of oil on the environment; it’s a very in-your-face issue, and it’s forcing people to realize the disasters that can happen quite easily. I have a feeling that out of a guilt instigated by the oil spill, many will look into getting greener cars, and doing things that cut back on their usage of environmentally unfriendly products.

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    Even if the general public does not think about the environment the way our community does, they do have a notion of economic concern. It hurts the consumer, the producer, as well as the environment. Prices skyrocket, lawsuits are filed, and the public suffers in general. I live in Texas, and I see many of my fellow residents avoiding the coast thinking that the oil spill could ruin their summer fun. This spill is also hurting towns and businesses in that region financially.

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