How do you season a cast iron pan for cooking?



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    I have been told, from my cast iron skillet freak friends, that the best way is to take a paper towel soaked in olive oil and rub it all over the pan.  Once you’ve coated the pan you place it in the over for about an hour until the oil turns brown.  This makes your skillet ready for cooking, enjoy!

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    Cast Iron pans can season with time and use.  When you clean it, you don’t clean it thoroughly like you would other cookware.  While the pan is still warm, use hot water and scrub if necessary but don’t use soap because it can break down the seasoning of the iron.


    Season fairly regularly to preserve your cast iron pan.  The directions above by jenlkinney works well, but try to use a solid fat like bacon grease instead of a liquid fat/oil….using a liquid will not season the pan correctly.

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