how do you save the environment?



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    Be proactive and regulate what you contribute as a person. Become an avid recycler and an eco-friendly consumer. Make sure to advocate for the environment whenever you are given the opportunity. Take the next step and actively search for chances to change policies, programs, and perspectives in your community.

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    You can make changes to your personal behavior to decrease your environmental footprint. These changes can be as simple as riding a bike instead of driving somewhere, or bringing your own bags to the grocery store. Buying food that is local also decreasing impacts on the environment from importing foods to the grocery store. Simple behavioral changes are an important initiative to help save the environment. 

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    It is difficult for one person standing alone to change the world and its views.  It is going to take widespread public awareness and support of issues such as global warming to really change the way people today look at emissions and energy consumption.  Many people are reluctant to give up their luxuries in the name of environmentalism, but if they understand the true nature of the world’s ecosystems being connected, no matter how small that connection is, they are more likely to care.  Since environmentalism has reached new popularity recently, this crucial turning point may not be too far in the future.

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