How do you restore an old, damaged painting?



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    You would most likely have to hire a professional. The process is far too difficult for the untrained to pull off. I have attached an article about how to restore a painting if you still would like further reading.

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    I agree that a professional is your best option, however, the restoration may take much longer than you want to wait. There are some ways an amateur can make an old, damaged painting look better. First, it is important to determine what the damage is: mold? weathering? just plain dust? Second, choose a test area to begin in (preferably in a low corner) and have a neutralizing agent on hand to stop the spread of undesirable results–this will help you determine which product is best to use for what you are looking to accomplish. It is important, too, to determine which tools will be required (a cloth? dry brushes?) Next, I would watch a demonstration of the ways in which a professional would approach the problem (either find someone willing to show you the process or watch some online videos). Finally, try your hand! If you don’t like the results in your test area, you can always stop and hand it over to the professional.

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