How do you rescue an overwatered 5 foot tree?

dog wood tree



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    Dogwood trees need moist, well drained soil. I’d say let the water evaporate or you can punch holes in the bottom of the pot and let it drain on its own.

    Alternate deep watering and shallow watering. If the top 1 inch layer of soil is dry, it needs watering. You need to water it to a depth of 10 inches, but don’t make the soil sopping wet next time.

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    The tree will do best if planted in the ground. If it is in a pot and you are able to plant it, I would recommend doing this as soon as possible. If you cannot remove it from the container, make sure the container has holes in the bottom for drainage and is large enough that there is enough soil around the roots. Do not water the tree until it has dried out. Trim back any dead or dying branches and give it time to recover without a lot of stress.

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