How do you relieve stress?

Just wondering in case I go crazy 😛



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    My favorite way to relieve stress is through physical activity.  Typically I go to the gym which allows me to wear my body down, leaving the gym with nearly zero pint up energy.  Physical activity also decreases stress hormones and increases endorphins, which gives your body a natural high.  Aside from feeling better, physical activity allows you to get healthier and feel better about yourself in the future.  It’s really a win-win situation.

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    You can try putting on some relaxing music and taking a warm bath.  Setting aside a half hour for yourself can really make a difference.  It is a great way to slow things down and not fixate on obligations. 

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    I relieve stress by writing poetry/stories/in a journal, by taking a hot candle lit shower and concentrating on meditating, meditating in general, drawing, and reading books. It really depends on the person! Really, the best way is to take up a hobby you love that really distracts you and do that everytime you feel like you might go crazy.

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    Reading a book always seems to help calm me down. Sometimes listening to your favorite music or watching a good movie will help. But the best way to calm down is probably going outside on a walk and taking a breath of fresh air, especially if the area where you live contains a lot of hiking trails. By looking at your surroundings and reconnecting with nature, you’ll be able to think a lot more clearly.

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    Some call it meditation, some call it quiet reflection … some people do it by working out, some do it by sitting alone somewhere.  The point is, the best way to relieve stress is to (in layman’s terms) think things through in your head.  If the world feels like it’s coming down on you, be careful not to let the “Black Cloud Syndrome” affect you – break up your worries and stresses into categories, and figure out the best way to deal with each one.  And stick to the plan!

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    Usually by walking away from whatever is causing me stress if I can. Like most on this site, getting outside is large help with stress relief. I also enjoy playing with my one-year old son, he may cause some stress but helps get rid of even more.

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    My favorite way to relieve stress is to knit or sew. I find that both activities are very methodical and take just enough focus that I relax and am able to ease my mind about whatever is bothering me. I also really like that there is an end result to what I am doing—I get a nice sense of accomplishment when I finish and have a hat or a quilt to show for it. I also really enjoy reading, as another responder mentioned above—I feel like I can let my mind drift into the narrative of the story, and get to escape from my troubles for a little while.

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    Connect with nature. Sit and listen to birds chirping outside your windows, take a picnic to the park with a friend, walk through a scene area of your town. Stop and really appreciate everything around you. Maybe even smell a rose or two 😉

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    EXERCISE! Getting my heart rate up always makes me feel better. Getting a good aerobic workout produces feel good endorphins that can help alleviate stress. It gives you time to think about what is stressing you out and resolve it, or it gives you the chance to escape from it. If I am really frustrated about something I get a great workout!

    Getting regular exercise also makes you feel better on a regular basis. It really makes a difference for me and people in my life even notice a change in my mood when I don’t exercise. 

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