How do you recycle paint?

Along with latex
and other things like painters’ tape.



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    The best way to recycle paint is by keeping it clean and mixing it only with other same-colored paints of the same type. If paint becomes ruined, the best way to discard it is to dry it out using an old rag or newspapers, then toss it in the trash once it is completely dry. Most dry paint should be safe for regular trash disposal as long as it does not contain hazardous materials, e.g. volatile or toxic compounds. If you are working with paint that can’t be recycled or disposed normally, you might want to have a look into what kinds of health and safety protocols are typically followed for construction and demolition jobs or art studios, depending on your painting needs (see links below).

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    If your paint is very old, check the label to see if it contains lead. If it has lead, then the best thing to do is dispose of it in accordance with your own municipality’s policy. Most municipalities tell you what to do for oil and water based paints.

    Some organizations, such as Earth911, accepts paint in good condition for donation. Earth911 can also tell you if you have paint recycling programs in your area as well.

    No matter what you do with your paint, the can is most likely recyclable.

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