how do you recycle glass



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    Its actually quite easy.

    It is separated by color.  (you know how beer bottles and stuff have color in them, they would be put in their own pile) 

    Then it is is melted down 

    Re-formed into a shape

    and BAM back to smuckers or whatever to be filled with Jelly again 

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    To find where to recycle glass, try looking for the nearest facility through Earth 911. The most widely recycled glass is container glass- the kind used in bottles and jars. Other types of glass, such as Pyrex, can be recycled, but usually must be seperated before collection. Some facilities may require you to separate glass by color as well.

    If the question was about how glasswas recycled after collection, it is processed at a glass plant. Machines break up the glass into tiny pieces, and any non-glass materials are removed.The glass is mixed with limestone, soda ash and silica sand and melted in a furnace. The molten glass can then be formed into new glass materials.

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    Glass recycling is the process of turning waste glass into usable products. Glass waste is separated by chemical composition and then depending on the end use and local processing capabilities, might also have to be separated into different colors. The three major types of class are colorless glass, green glass, and brown glass. The waste glass is sent to different recycling facilities depending on the end purpose of the glass. Glass is virtually infinitely recyclable and its reuse helps save energy. It helps brick and ceramic manufacture, and conserves raw materials, reduces energy consumption, and reduces the volume of waste sent to landfill. 

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