How do you raise a beef calf?



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    To raise a beef calf from birth, it is normally raised by its mother for five months and then it can be weaned. However, if you are raising an orphan beef calf, you will need to bottle feed it (2 quart bottle with a nipple) twice a day full of whole milk. The calf will also need a fresh pail of water every day, and will need to be started on calf feed in order to stimulate rumen development and growth. At 7 weeks of age, the calf can start to eat hay and at 8 weeks can be weaned from milk. From there on, the animal can be fed grain, hay and water (
    The calf will need room to graze, and in the wintertime will need to be fed by its caretaker as it will not necessarily have food from grazing. Alfalfa is the best form of hay for a beef cow. A beef cow will also need lots of water and in order to fatten it up, quality hay and grain (such as corn).

    Milk replacer is available at most production animal feed stores. You will also have to provide the calf with water from 2 weeks of age on (do this in a pail). The calf will also need to be started on a calf feed as soon as it will start eating to help stimulate rumen development. At about 7 weeks of age the calf will need to start receiving good quality hay. At 8 weeks of age wean the calf from milk. At this point the calf will be fed water grain and hay.

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