How do you protect yourself from a bear attack?



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    Well, hopefully you never get attacked by a bear!

    However, the strategies are different for black bears vs. grizzly or brown bears.

    For black bears people are advised to make themselves look big by expanding their arms and standing tall. You should make a lot of noise with your voice and any objects that may be near to you that you can bang on (pots, pans, a picnic table). Black bears tend to be small and will usually turn and go in the opposite direction upon learning that you are “big” and not edible. This may be different if the female has cubs with her that she is trying to protect.

    For brown bears, people are advised to play dead. These bears are large in size and more aggressive. It is suggested that people curl up, protecting their stomachs and faces, and hope the bear will quickly lose interest and leave.

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    I have attached a link to a site with a list of various bear attack scenarios and what to do in them.

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    If you encounter a bear in the wild, your best bet to avoid an attack is to back away slowly from the bear, giving it plenty of room to retreat or escape around you.  It’s very important that the bear doesn’t perceive you as a threat.  Do not turn your back on the bear; it may think you’re an object of prey.  

    If the bear becomes threatening, your strategies will be very different depending on the type of bear you encounter.  As natricine3 stated earlier, it is advised to try and intimidate a black bear by making yourself look as big as possible and by making lots of noise with whatever you can find.  If the black bear charges you, FIGHT BACK.  Let the bear know that you will not be easy prey.  Aim for the eyes and the snout.  

    For brown/grizzly bears, you should play dead, lying face down and keeping your head protected with your arms.  Grizzly bears are usually much larger than black bears.  You will not win a fight with a grizzly bear.

    Important differences you should look for:

    -Grizzlies have flatter faces with snouts that protrude out.  Looking at the bear in profile, the snout should not be in a smooth line with the rest of the face.  Grizzlies have smaller, rounded ears and a shoulder hump.

    -Black bears have smoother, elongated snouts.  Looking at the bear in profile, the snout should be in a smooth line with the rest of the face.  A black bear will have pointier ears that stick up and no shoulder hump.


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