How do you print on a BIG piece of paper?

Our school, for national water bottle day, wants everyone in the school to sign a petition (made by yours truely) to say they will not use a water bottle, coffee cup ect. on that day. The only problem is that we don’t know how to make this petition big enough so everyone in the school can sign it. We also want the writing to be neat, so we want to print it. Does anyone have a good idea on how to print a BIG petition that will be able to be signed by everyone in the school?



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    Good question, eco101.  It is great that you are organizing such an event.  I don’t think you necessarily need the petition to be all on one piece of paper.  I have signed petitions before that were a compilation of individual sheets, each with the petition’s mission statement/goal printed at the top.  In the event that you would still like to use a large piece of paper, I would suggests looking in the yellow pages for a printing company.  They will certainly have the equipment to make such a project possible.

    Hope this helps!

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    Hi eco101, my suggestion would be to go to FedEx-Kinkos. I’ve used them before to do really large printing and they are pretty quick and easy. The trick is to find an employee in the store that will help you out. A lot of time their employees are too busy (or lazy?) to help out. But if you find a nice one they should be able to walk you through the process. Here is a link to the section of their website that describes their over-sized printing services. If you click-through it will let you find a store that has these capabilities.

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    Yep, Kinko’s and Staples offer printing service, and maybe other office stores or local print shops in your area. My college had printing services that could do stuff like that – and probably most others do too – but of course that’s for their students only. Basically, you need a large (and pretty expensive) printer called ‘plotter’ for it, I’ve worked with those in an architectural company that always printed a lot of large-size technical drawings like building plans. They use paper on rolls, which allows printing long sheets with a fixed width.

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