How do you plant trees?



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    I have found a website that has every step of the tree planting process outlined in great detail.  It would be hard to do it justice by trying to reword the steps, check the link below and plant away! 

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    When growing a tree, wood mulch can offer good nutrients for the soil, however, it should be spread giving a few feet of space in every direction of the seed as not to suffocate it. Nutrients, water and sunlight will be the primary ingredients for a successful tree. 

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    You’ll need to research the characteristics of the particular tree(s) you’d like to grow. Make sure that your environment is appropriate for your choice tree species. Some trees grow better in the presence of other plants that help regulate nutrient cycles, amount of shade and structural support. For example, when I planted trees in Ecuador, we placed aliso trees next to plantains, because the large plantain leaves protected the alisos, allow them to thrive. Specific measurements in regard to slope and distance between plots were taken. We had to remove invasive grass species before digging large holes, filling them with soil and providing some dead grass cover over the newly planted seeds.

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