How do you obtain solar panels for your home for power?



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    There are all sorts of resources for buying solar panels for your home (even a “Complete Idiot’s Guide to Solar Power For Your Home”). A simple Google search might be a good idea, but here are some good websites I found:

    Wholesale Solar:


    Solar Home:

    Make sure to shop around: prices for panels vary greatly. Also be aware that several states offer tax rebates for installing solar panels.


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    There are a lot of companies that are getting into the solar energy system market.  I am actually working with one this summer, but depending on where you live you are best looking for one closer.  I suggest that you do work with a company because putting up panels is a big investment, and no one wants to get them up there and realize that they don’t have the permits, aren’t hooked up to the grid, or the panels aren’t installed right (all of which we’ve had non-customers come to us after).  We and many other companies actually take care of all of the permits, finding the contractors, making sure the energy company will hook up the panels to the main grid, and also make sure you get all of your government rebates of which there are many.  You can certainly do all this yourself and just buy the panels and the contractor to install them, but actual solar energy companies will make it much easier and make sure it is done right.  I attached the link to the company that I am working with in the eastern PA/NJ area if you happen to live around there. 

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