How do you make syrup out pine syrup sap?



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    Pine sap contains turpentine, a natural solvent, and generally should not be eaten.  That being said, it is possible to make pine syrup using the needles and shoots from the tree.  

    1. Gather a large handful of pine shoots.

    2.  Pour about a liter of water over the shoots into a big pan, and then cook the pine shoots/water mixture for about 2 hours over medium heat, occasionally adding water to account for the water lost during evaporation.  

    3.  Drain the stems and needles out of the water.  

    4.  Add a kilogram of sugar to the liquid left over in your pain and continue to cook, stirring frequently until the sugar is completely dissolved and the syrup is thick and sticky.  

    Store your syrup in a jar very soon after cooking.  Remember to seal the jar tightly.


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