How do you make mineral water?



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    In order for a water to be labelled “mineral water”, it must have naturally occurring minerals present at the source of extraction and bottled directly from the source (spring). Waters with minerals added to them must be labelled as “purified water” and be made by processes such as reverse osmosis, distillation, other other relevant processes.

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    Mineral water is a pretty simple drink to make.  Pour a liter of water through a water filter and pour in about an eight tablespoon of baking soda.  Add one eight teaspoon epsom salt and one eight teaspoon potassium bicarbonate.  Mix till all ingredients are dissolved.  Pour it into a soda siphon and and plug a carbon cartridge in it.  Squeeze the handle on the soda siphon to release the fizzy mineral water into a glass. There are more complete directions on the link below.

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