How do you make compost?



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    First you need to buy a compost bin where you can put all your compost in. Some things you can put in there are
    1. lawn clippings grinds and tea bags
    3. left over vegetables and fruits
    4. paper and newspaper
    and any other leftover food, but no meat. Leave it in direct sunlight and mix it periodically.

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    Broadly speaking, you can start a compost by mixing organic waste matter of different sorts in a tub or pile with conditions that are conducive to composting. Put the compost in a place where there is plenty of aeration, and turn the pile of compost periodically to further let oxygen in, because the microbes doing the composting (turning the organic matter into soil) need it to function. Try to compost in layers of food scraps, leaves and clippings, and soil. There are many other specific tips you may want to consider if you’re planning to start a compost of your own, but these are the basics.

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    It’s pretty easy to begin composting. It helps to have a compost bin, which you can make yourself or buy, and you can place most food waste in it (plants only, not meat). You can just leave your scraps in a pile and have useable compost within about half a year, but if you actively try to speed up the process you can make compost within about 3-4 weeks. To make compost, you have to do is bring together moist, fresh, predominantly green ingredients (grass clippings, weeds, kitchen scraps, and the like) and predominantly brown ingredients (dead leaves, straw, hay, wood shavings or chips, etc.). Then, you must ensure that the mix remains damp, and turn it the pile every few days to make sure oxygen is introduced to all parts of the compost.

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