How do you know what type of blood you have?



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    You will have to have your blood tested. They do this for free if you ever give blood. Your blood may have been tested when you were born try asking your mom. If you don’t know and want to find out but don’t want to donate blood you can have a blood lab do it but they will probably charge you.

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    When you are born, it is written on your identification card, however many of us do not have access to this still. You can ask your primary care doctor for a simple blood test as well and it will tell you. Finally, when you donate blood, they will type your blood then and there so they know how to categorize and place your blood.

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    A simple blood test is all you need to determine your blood type, which can be done by a health care professional. The tests work by looking for certain markers on the surface of the red blood cells, called antigens. There are two types of antigens tested for in the ABO test, A and B. If you are found to have A antigens then you are Type A, B antigens then you are Type B, neither A nor B antigen then you are Type O, and both A and B antigens then you are Type AB. The second test, called an Rh Test, then determines whether your blood is positive or negative. The presence of the Rh antigen means you have a positive blood type, and lack of the Rh antigen means you have a negative blood type. The combination of the ABO and the Rh results are your blood type (i.e. O+).

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