How do you kill ticks?



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    I think its important to mention that ticks are not really as big of a deal as we often make them out to be. Ticks give me the heebyjeebies, for sure, but simply having 1 or 2 ticks on you doesn’t mean you will get a disease.

    First of all, the most common Wood Tick does not carry Lyme disease at all. These ricks are about the size of a BB and you can usually feel them on you. Deer ticks are much smaller, less common, and they’re the ones that carry Lyme Disease.

    Second of all, ticks crawl around on you for a long time before they bite you, so if you simply check yourself when you return from a stroll in tick country, you will catch 90% of them before they even bite you.

    Third of all, if they do bite you, and you catch it within a few hours, you can remove it properly and not even get a bite. (This makes ticks much less of a threat than common mosquitos, who can carry disease and give you an itchy bump every time they bite!)

    TO ANSWER THE QUESTION: I find that the best way to kill a tick is to cut it in half with a pocket knife. You KNOW they’re dead, and it feels a little bit like getting revenge!!

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