How do you kill kudzu?



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    There is no one method that will kill kudzu, it must be a combination of multiple tactics usually over a period of years. Some chemicals will help, pruning sheers, if you want to go green you can try to have goats/sheep eat it.

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    To prevent the spreading of Kudzu you must be sure to remove any seeds on your clothes, pets, or children, and try not to step in or drive through Kudzu vines. Using one part chemical to 3 parts water, prepare a solution of Garlon 3A or “Brush Be Gone Concentrate”. Take sheers or pruning sheers and cut the Kudzu vine on the trees as close to the ground as possible. Use a spray bottle, spray can, or a backpack sprayer to attack the vines on the ground immediately. Pull the rest of the vine down if possible. As far as the vines on the ground, consider burning it or cutting the root crown off.

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