How do you keep waste to a minimum in an office?



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    One of the biggest ways is to practice energy efficiency. Make sure everyone shuts down their computers when they leave for the night and make sure that excessive lights aren’t left on. Motion operated lights are a great way of making sure that when there’s no activity, there’s no power. Paper waste is also a big factor, so make sure there is recycling for paper as well as plastic bottles. Ask yourself what are the other waste products that result from your office and explore and see if there are green substitutes for them.

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    A great way to be eco-friendly in the office is to go digital.  This means email as much as possible and try to keep an online database for all of your current and old files.  This would make a huge dent in the amount of paper you consume.  

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    A great way to reduce office waste is to refill ink cartridges once they expire.  Let alone with the growing e-waste problem in North America with over 350 million ink cartridges being sent to landfills, refilling the cartridges can save office money and refilling units can be located at several major office supply centers.  A firm can also opt out of receiving junk mail lists by calling major firms or sending emails.

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    After shredding papers, reuse the shreds for packing material! Don’t use peanuts or buy bubble-wrap (plastic).. just reuse your trash. 

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    Another way to practice energy efficiency, especially in the summer, is to loosen up dress codes and open windows rather than air condition. Consider opening windows on the top floor so rising heat can escape and allow air to circulate and follow a path through the office. Japan specifically used the former alternative after the earthquakes of 2011 along with some other efficient business tactics.

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