how do you keep a butterfly alive in winter.



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    Some butterfly species – such as monarchs, cloudless sulphers, and fiery skippers – are known to migrate to warm climates during chilly winters. Alternatively, a butterfly species with cold survival abilities may be in the life stage of egg, caterpillar or pupa during the winter. Some species of butterfly are able to survive from organic matter like tree sap, rather than flower nectar.

    Furthermore, there are some species of adult butterflies that do survive in the winter, such as anglewings (Polygonia) and tortoiseshells (Nymphalis). They live in small crevices in rocks, trees or other protected places. If your butterfly (from a butterfly kit) is born in the winter, you can soak a sponge in sugar water to provide it with nutrients, according to the North American Butterfly Association (NABA). However, keeping butterflies in the home is not recommended due to it being such an unnatural experience. The release of a home-raised butterfly into the wild is considered an anti-environmental act of terror, per the NABA.

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