How do you heal burns caused by deodorants?

I have recently found out that Tom’s Of Maine’s Long-lasting Apricot deodorant has really irritated my skin. Last night my skin was burning and when I checked I found that it was red and dark. I googled and saw others have had similiar reactions. My question is how do I heal this? It’s never happened to me before. I wrote them an e-mail but I have yet to hear from them.



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    Burns from deoderants come from various chemicals. One kind of burn comes from having shaved recently, since then you are essentially “rubbing salt into the wound”. The kind of reaction you are talking about is probably an allergic reaction.

    It’s important to get expert medical advice about this, and not just ask people what they think, because there are some limited situations that require emergency medical attention.

    The site below also has recommendations for not-so-serious situations, one of which is simply taking an antihistimine.

    The URL below is short and one of several pages with related information. (The parent page is included.)

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