How do you grow plants on the walls of a building?



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    Commonly plants that are grown near to the sides of buildings use trellises. Trellises are simply wooden or wire grids that provide just enough support to hold plants up, but are open enough to let most of the light and water through.

    Putting plants right on a building, using the building to support plants is quite another thing, because a building wall is already highly optimized to do quite different things. The purpose of walls is to hold the heavy load of the roof, to keep out water, and provide security. They are finished for a combination of aesthetics and weatherproofing. They need to be fire resistent.

    None of these things — which are optimized at great expense — are directly useful for growing plants. Introducing another need, another restriction, into something that is already highly expensive and optimized is very likely to be a mistake.

    Now that may not seem to make sense in the context of beautiful ivy-covered brick walls, but the fact is that ivy is tearing the walls apart. The ivy sinks its little suckers in, and year-by-year, tears the brick to pieces. As many a homeowner has learned to their sorrow!

    Now it’s completely reasonable to want to grow plants in the sun (shade) of a building, protected by the wind. But don’t lose sight the the primary purpose of that building. Plants such as flowers and non-clinging vines won’t be a problem. (And trees should never be planted near a foundation, either. One year, the roots will start breaking the foundation apart. Not to mention breaking into sewer lines!)

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    Generally plants are expanded near to the edges of structures use trellises. Trellises are basically wood made or cable plants that offer just enough assistance to keep vegetation up, but are start enough to let most of the mild and normal water through.For More information you can get through any tree specialist .

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