How do you get twins?



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    The Wiki article describes prolly much more than you ever wanted to know. There are several kinds of twins.

    An interesting thing to note … since we’re a site that’s interested in the truth, right? … is that taking drugs to improve fertility is likely to result in twins. If you see twin kids on the street, chances are their parents were using a “little extra help”.

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    I am not certain how acurrate this information is because I do not see any sources for the numbers on the webpage but I have read several articles and they are all pointing to a few things that I am going to mention.

    First, fertility drugs. While unnatural, this will increase your chance of having twins. This is for certain.

    The following are natural ways to go about this.

    1. folic acid supplement. While there needs to be more studies done, one australian study found that women who took folic acid supplement before becoming pregnant were 40% more likely to have twins (well, HAD twins). This is very much in debate, but taking folic acid will not hurt to take unless you are trying to NOT have twins, and the study is right.

    2. Gain weight or get taller. An issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology from March 2005 found that taller women as well as women who are overweight are more liekly to have twins.

    3. Eat dairy. According to Dr. Gary Steinman (Long Island Jewish Medical Center), women who eat dairy are up to 5 times more likely to have twins. Perhaps the growth hormone given to cows has something to do with this???

    4. Breastfeed while conceiving.(if you can) . This increases your odds by 9, according to one study.

    5. Conceive shorly after stopping birth control medication. The theory is that your body freaks out and tries to control its own hormones, meaning that for the adjustement period, hormones can be too much or too little. Too much means that an ovary might release too many eggs during ovulation.

    6. A town in Nigeria called Igbo-Ora has 4 times more twins than anyone else. Their diet consists of lots of cassava root, a wild yam. Eat wild yams. Even if it doesn’t work, they are delicious and healthy.

    7. Wait to conceive until you are 30 or 40. Your hormones (again) might be a little imbalances and too much can cause an extra egg.

    Last note: please consider adoption. There are many kids who do not have homes and the world is getting overpopulated.

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