How do you get ring worm?



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    They could be any type of red meat so be sure to cook the meat you eat well. For example Hamburgers or any meat of that assort.

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    Ring worm is spread in several ways, but uncooked meat doesn’t seem to be one of them. 

    • Skin-to-skin contact with a person who has ringworm.
    • Contact with an animal that has ringworm.
    • Contact with objects that an infected person or animal has come in contact with, such as towels or sheets.
    • In rare cases, ringworm can be contracted by contact with infected soil.

    Ringworm is easily treatable with over-the-counter medication, although it may be harder to get rid of in people with weak immune systems.

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    Some times an infection on the skin is called ring worm, but it is not a worm. It is the same infection that causes athletes’ foot and yeast infections. It typically is found after scratching mosquito bites and the open wounds become infected. It is most common in moist areas and climates.

    You can treat the infection with general cream for open wounds, which can be bought over the counter or found in most First Aid Kits.

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