How do you get pollen stains off of clothing?



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    Removing pollen from clothing can be very difficult. However, the best thing you can do to start with is to shake the article of clothing to try and remove the pollen as quickly as possible. It is not advisable to wet the pollen as this will cause it to spread further into the material. It is also not advisable to try and remove the pollen with your hand, This will also spread the pollen further instead of removing it. 

    Once you shake the material, if there are still bits of pollen present, the best thing is to try and remove it from the material with a piece of tape or a handheld vacuum cleaner. 

    If you are still left with a yellow stain, place the material face down on a paper towel and dab the pollen area from the back with a dry-cleaning fluid like Guardsman, for example. As you dab the stain, keep moving the paper towel around so that the pollen has clean paper to absorb into. Do this until you can no longer get any more pollen out of the material.

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