how do you get a lizard that is under something?



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    Well, if the lizard’s outside, I would just let it be. However, if it’s inside, then you could get a box, plastic container, anything that you can use to safely and temporarily use to contain and transport the lizard. Remove the item that the lizard’s hiding under, and then gently trap the lizard between, say, the wall, you, and then the lid of the container and the container. Genly push the lizard into the container, cover the container, and transport the lizard outside. If you can’t move the object, or don’t want to, you could also use a broom or something similar to gently sweep under the object and shoo out the lizard. Hope this helps!

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    OK if its under something its a bit more difficult but I will let you in on a secret I used to use when I was a kid and it works amazing. To catch lizards that are outside on a fence, rock, or pretty much anywhere you can get to them get a fishing pole. Take the reel off the rod and grab about 2-3 feet of light fishing line. 2-10 lb works the best. Tie it to the tip of the rod and at the other end make a small loop. Usually just folding over the line and tying a knot works well. Push some line throught he loop to make a loop that can be opened and closed easily. Know you have a noose. Just make the loop big enough to go around their head and when you manuver the string around their head gently pull up and the lizard will be iside the noose. Grab your lizard and treat it nicely. Works everytime, I have caught hundreds of lizards this way and have never hurt them. I used to fish all the time and when the fishing was slow during the summer I would just go lizard hunting instead. Tons of fun for kids too.

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