How do you get a job as a landfill manager?



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    In order to find a job as a landfill manager, you must have experience in the solid waste industry, be familiar with heavy machinery, familiar with waste management laws and regulations, be a strong leader, have managerial experience, economics courses and strong communications skills.

    You must have completed the Manager of Landfill Operations (MOLO) Training Course offered by your local Integrated Waste Management Board. A bachelor’s degree in a related field or at least 2 years of experience in the field will also help you get hired.

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    According to the job posting I linked to you need at least a high school diploma (college preferred). You need to have construction experience and experience operating heavy machinery. You need a couple years of supervisory or general management experience. Most of all you need waste disposal and landfill construction experience. I suppose if you do not already have a job in the waste disposal/management industry that would be a first step.

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    Contact your local waste treatment plant to inquire about available waste management jobs (call or check website for job openings will be posted on their website, as well as application information, forms and instructions). Stop by with your resume, and ask to talk with the personnel manager or the owner. Be dressed for an interview and prepared to discuss the types of jobs you are interested in, your experience, motivations, and what you can offer the company. Beyond this, browse online job search sites, particularly those specializing in waste management job placement and visit websites focused on waste management.

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