How do you get a career in alternative energy industry?



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    It may seem like a shocker, but community colleges are getting on the green streak!

    Concerned eco-conscience people just like you are turning to their local community colleges for career options in the alternative energy industry.  There are several course options that cater to green interests such as “energy management, renewable energy [and] water conservation.” (NY Times)

    Contact your local community college for more information about their green courses, and how you can get on the fast track to your new career!

    Good Luck, Ed!

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    This is an interesting industry because it is growing but because it’s still relatively new, there aren’t a ton of people who are prepared to work in it.   Earlier this year when Bill Clinton was on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart he was talking about how there actually are a lot of job openings in Green technology, but there’s a lack of qualified candidates.  Universities have begun to respond to this, so if you want to go the traditional college route, find a college with a program catering to this.  Oregon’s Institute of Technology was the first school to develop a four year undergrad degree in “Renewable Energy Systems.”   They started the program in 2008 so this spring the first cohort will graduate.   Also this summer I met a girl who is majoring in a program called “Environmental engineering” somewhere in Colorado.  If you don’t want to go the college route, I think it would still be possible to enter this field if you have a solid understanding and practical background in engineering, creativity and an innovative spirit.   The late great Steve Jobs did not have a college degree, yet he contributed a great deal to the construction of the computer/IT industry, and he started by tinkering in a Palo Alto garage with his friends.  The alternative energy industry has a long road to development still and there is plenty of room on that road for pioneers.  

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