how do you get a babysitting job

i want a babysitting job but dont know how to get one. i an certified by the red cross.



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    Ask friends and people you meet with kids. It’s usually word-of-mouth. Most people get jobs from family friends or something. You could post about it online, on facebook or criagslist. Tell your friends to tell their friends that you’re offering babysitting service.s You could even make a poster or fliers about it (make sure to use recycled paper though!) and post them at local restaurants and cafes.

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    Most people will not hire someone they do not know, so I recommend talking to people at church or some other community gathering. When I was little, my parents always hired somebody from church to babysit me. Then, I got to babysit someone else from church when I was older.

    Another possibility is to sign up with a time bank. This will earn you hours of someone else’s time rather than money, though. Maybe if you babysit for your parents and someone else does something useful for your family like helping you garden or doing other home improvements, you family will increase your allowance. Just a thought 🙂

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