How do you feel the legalization of marijuana would effect the environment?



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    Overall, the legalization of marijuana would greatly help the environment. Many people who are growing illegally are growing indoors because they don’t want to get caught. They have to have light on the plants between 12-16 hours a day as well as have a fan constantly running, all of which amount to BIG energy costs. Many illegal grow operations take place in national parks and disturb the ecosystem and are also harvested unsustainably and exhaust the land.

    Hemp (non psychoactive cousin of marijuana) has uses as a textile, biofuel, and can reduce deforestation through its use as high archival-quality paper. If areas are set aside for marijuana and hemp development, they will be great for the environment and increase jobs.

    If you can accept that marijuana is an objectively less harmful substance than both alcohol and tobacco, its environmental benefits should be reasons to support its legalization.

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