How do you feel about zoos?



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    Zoos are indeed of questionable nature, though I do believe they have a saving grace. That saving grace is in these times is the preservation of animal species. In many situations there are more animals in captivity than in the wild, the tiger is one such example. There are also animals that do not exist outside of captivity. The jailing of an animal is definitely not good, neither is the stress it causes it, but since we’ve destroyed a lot of natural habitats preserving species has to have some value.

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    I like supporting zoos that have conservation programs for animals including the ones found at that zoo and other species that they do not have. I think that the educational aspect of zoos is a great way to get people involved and excited about wildlife conservation. Some zoos in the past would take their animals from the wild, which I do not believe in unless they will die from injury or abandonment and there is no possibility for the animal to get better and be released. The animals do live in a much smaller habitat than they would in the wild but there are enrichment programs that can be used to keep the animals active and excited about their enclosure.

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